Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Discounts And Offers For Armed Forces

Military benefits are for those who serve their country in the military and for the spouse and children who are dependent on them. Since, Military lifestyle is difficult for any family, they are provided with various benefits either in the form of cash payment or offers and discounts. Be it ‘Veterans Day’, ‘Military Appreciation Day’ or ‘Memorial Day’, special discounts and services are offered to the active and Retired Military members and their families to honour them for their incredible service to their countries.

They are provided with benefits in travel, restaurants, Lodging, Auto, Apparel & Accessories, Electronics, and Professional Services etc.

• Military Spouse and Family Healthcare:“TRICARE”, a health care program by the United States takes care of the health of the Military and their families. Various benefits under different categories of plans can be chosen. These benefits are available to both the Active retired Military members. Dental Insurance and other type of insurance benefits are also being offered to them.

• Travel Concessions:Special Discounts are offered in the following categories as a mode of Military travel financing:

• Airlines: Many airlines provide special discounts to soldiers and their family. Also if a Flight operated by Department of Defence has vacant seats, soldiers and their family may travel on the flight. This is also popularly known as “Space available flight”.

• Car Rental: Cars and other vehicles are also offered with no additional driver fees, frequent travel benefits, discounted rates whether travelling on duty or off duty 

• Cruises: Many military cruise deals are also being offered to military members and also to their families at much lower rates and special services. Some Cruises also help to save money on travel insurance and even don’t charge any penalty for cancellations.

• Lodging: Special discounts are offered in lodging to make it more convenient and inexpensive. There are huge numbers of Hotels, Resorts, guest House and other temporary housing facilities specially provided at cheap rates to soldiers and their families. Military base often provides comfortable and inexpensive lodging facilities well equipped with various tools of entertainment. You can also cook by yourself and save some bucks.

• Vacation: Military Officials and their families are also entitled to paid vacations. They can choose the desired destinations and plan a holiday. Many Tour Companies& Clubs provide cheap deals on exotic locations.

• Home Loans:  Either you want to buy a new home or build / repair your existing home; there are banks / Mortgage Companies to offer the loans to the Veterans at a subsidised rate as compared to the most conventional home loans.

The best advice to avail Military Travel loan or financing is to do proper research &it is always better to ask for discounts and deals. Always negotiate a little bit to get more discounts and save money.

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